Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Dermot rang last night – as of the TV series (see earlier blog on Flowerpot's forthcoming 4 minutes of fame). He spoke to Himself who said that I was walking our dog and instantly we have a connection (darlings). Dermot has a Jack Russell, too, though he won’t be bringing him to Falmouth for filming. Not another Chalkie then. I very nearly offered to dog sit but felt that could be asking for trouble – the cat would leave home at the very least.

He lives in Exeter (MissU are you listening?!) or at least was phoning from there, and is making a series of art based programmes. Having established that I was a) a writer and b) had worked in television, he was very chatty.

One of his programmes, he confided, is of a pub quiz in Dorset. He’s concerned about the level of alcohol they will have consumed by the time they start filming, so he’s promised them with as much as they like afterwards (paid for by him), provided they don’t have more than one drink beforehand.
Then there’s another programme with the WI. ‘You’re not a member of the WI, are you?’ he asked anxiously.
‘No,’ I replied. ‘Not my sort of thing at all. Brings to mind slow handclaps.’
He laughed then and said another programme was of painters in North Devon and he was looking forward to that as they were ‘semi professional, like yourself, so they should be easy to film.’

Not sure how I like being a semi professional, but better than being an amateur I suppose. After all, I'm a luvvy now, darling.


Cornish Dreamer said...

All very exciting FP - and sounds like he's busy filming too. I bet you can't wait for the filming to begin?


Flowerpot said...

well it's not going to be that exciting to be honest. A lot of faffing around with cameras and setting up, usually, but the debate should be interesting. Oh dont I sound blase?!!! Memories of spending a whole day once shooting a 30 second BP commercial in freezing temperatures - that got very boring indeed. It's not all as glamorous as it sounds.

Elaine Denning said...

Are we talking of him of the Murnaghan variety?


I'm impressed.

I've never seen him here in Exeter...or any other Durmat, to be honest.

So...can I be the tea girl? I do look pretty in an apron!

Flowerpot said...

No, MissU it's not that Dermot, sorry! But I'll ask if they need any tea girls and failing that there's a pub round the corner....