Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Every fridge magnet tells a story

We have a magnet from Amsterdam on our fridge. It’s of a tall brick house and downstairs, three girls in red and black bras and knickers posture in the window. Above is a sign saying SEX SHOP. On the first floor, a girl with a red bra leans out of the window and on the floor above that are two girls with no bras at all.

This was a present from a friend who, many years ago, went to Amsterdam for a weekend of lust with her new man. Unfortunately she got a terrible tummy bug so no lust was to be had. She spent the entire weekend in the bathroom (or bed), while he explored the city on his own. But the magnet always brings a smile to my face for it reminds me of my mate.

When my nieces were about 4 and 6, they came into the kitchen and inspected the fridge with care but said nothing. Later, we were walking along the road to the beach and I had one by each hand.

‘Flowerpot,’ said the oldest one. ‘What’s a sex shop?’

I thought quickly; what the hell do you say? And I had to get it right: their mother was behind me, snorting with suppressed laughter.

‘It’s a place where you buy – er – bras and knickers,’ I said, sweating profusely.

Well, it was sort of true, and at least it seemed to satisfy them. I wonder though, whether they remember that. Now that they're Advanced Teenagers, I must ask them.


Rebecca Taunton said...

Children always seem to ask the most embarrassing questions, don't they? Well handled though FP. I can't imagine what I'd say in the same situation (probably glow red and avoid the question)!


Flowerpot said...

It was when they were going through their WHY? phase. My sister in law thought it was hilarious!

Akelamalu said...

I got one of theose fridge magnets when we visited Amsterdam.

That was quick thinking on your part with the Sex Shop question! :)

Miss Understood said...

I have 2 african figures in my front room which stand about 3 feet tall...a naked couple. The guy is so well endowed, it reaches his knees. The kids who have visited this house over the years have had many sniggers, but I think perhaps some of the boys may have gone home feeling rather worried about the size of their own tackle. I think perhaps I should have put them straight!

BreadBox said...

Lovely story, flowerpot: it reminds me of my sister some years ago (many many years ago) at the age of about 5, turning to our father at the dinner table, in front of our grandfather, of all things, and loudly asking
"Daddy, what is f**king?"
My dad went into a long explanation involving the ponies in the field at the end of the garden.
My grandpa went extremely red!

Flowerpot said...

great to hear all your experiences.
Ak - glad to hear that someone else has a sex shop magnet - is it the same one?!
MissU - I'd love to see your african figures - no wonder men get an inferiority complex!
And breadbox - lovely to meet you. Please drop by again. Loved teh story about the ponies!

Akelamalu said...

I think it is! I don't actually have it on my fridge anymore. Since we had the new kitchen the fridge is integrated so therefore covered in wood - the magnets don't stick to wood. :(

Mopsa said...

Do post a photo of the magnet! With an update from your nieces...

Flowerpot said...

Ak - my mother has a fridge like that - great but lousy for magnets!

Mopsa - when I find Himself (who has disappeared with the camera) I'll see what I can do...