Monday, 30 July 2007

Scanning Bread in the Sunshine

Today the sun is not only shining but according to the weather forecast(oh, the naivety of me) it’s going to be dry all week. And sunny! I feel skittish and girly, as if I were six again and the long weeks of the summer holidays were stretching before me like an oasis of pleasure. I want to kick up my heels and run through the surf shouting, ‘weeeeee!’ In fact, later on, Mollie and I will do just that.

Meanwhile, from next door emanates an ominous silence. Himself has drawn a wonderful cartoon of an ostrich (did I mention his cartooning talents?) which he is attempting to scan onto his computer. He had three tries yesterday,starting in the afternoon and finishing at 8.30pm. The scanner is at the workshop, a 10minute drive away. That machine doesn’t have Broadband so it took 20 minutes to download the ostrich.

The first time he scanned it, he hadn’t turned it into the right kind of file but he didn't realise that till he came home and found he couldn't open the file because there was nothing there. So he went back and the second time sent it to my old email address that I haven’t used since the beginning of March. For some reason unknown to mankind he omitted to send said email to himself as well. So the third time he went over to get the scanner and bring it back here.

Now it appears that neither of these computers have the necessary wherewithal to run the scanner CD. The scanner’s too old. But does he let me have my computer back? Does he hell. If I hear, ‘I won’t give in that easily,’ once more, I shall scream.

Just before he left the second time, he decided to make bread, so left it to prove and had to ring me at half hourly intervals with instructions. The bread turned out all right, by some miracle, except that he bought wholemeal flour which he doesn't like, and mixed it with granary flour which he finds too heavy. He ate two pieces this morning with a certain sense of duty, saying, 'well at least it tastes of something.'

Sometimes, you wonder...


Cornish Dreamer said...

Isn't it fantastic that we can actually see the sun today? I was perfectly amazed this morning on my way to work.

Oh dear, doesn't seem like he's having any luck with his scanning. If he needs any help, you know I've got all the equipment down at the office; you need only ask.

And my sympathies to the chef - I now know how disappointing bread can be when it all goes wrong (as you've already read in my blog this morning)!


Akelamalu said...

The weather here is fantastic!

Himself seems intent on getting this ostrich up!

Flowerpot said...

thanks, RT. I will pass on your kind offer but - er - you know what the reply is likely to be!!
The bread isn't bad actually, just a bit heavy. Yours sounds a lot nicer!

Flowerpot said...

akelamalu - yes the sun is quite stunning here. no progress on the ostrich front - yet... his sister's been complaining, too. All the way from Vermont!

Elaine Denning said...

Ummm....he could take a photo of it and upload it? Would that work?

Home made bread. Yummy!

Flowerpot said...

good idea, missu but unfortunately the bread has already been discarded - he thinks it's giving him mouth ulcers. Aaagh!!!