Tuesday, 3 July 2007


This weather is getting to me. I’m normally volatile, but this rain is dragging me down into its liquid muddy depths. I don’t mind getting wet, but yesterday I was SOAKED three times. Twice walking Mollie and once in town. This ensured Very Bad Mood and when Himself got back from work, I wasn’t speaking to him either. (He’s lucky in this aspect – he would only have got an earful.)

After a glass of wine I was slightly more affable and anyway, Himself was busy boring over a flying magazine that had been sent to him featuring an incident that occurred when he was 16 (more later). So he’s nearly famous as well and that cheered him no end.

When I think of how different Himself and I are, it’s amazing that we actually speak to each other, let alone get on. For instance:-

I am quite a sociable creature; he is not.
My idea of a good evening out is with friends, going to the cinema or theatre, having a drink or two. He’d rather stay at home with a bottle of wine. Unless there’s any jazz on, in which case he’d rather go and see jazz, which is a type of music I’m not very keen on.
I eat very little meat; he likes meat and two veg every day.
I’m not very interested in food, whereas he will spend hours poring over recipe books, before cooking a meal.
I love long walks with a friend and Mollie.
He doesn’t like walking at all, but comes on the short morning one under duress.
I love singing; he doesn’t.
I love ballet and most forms of dance; he doesn’t, though he has been known to lurch round at a pub disco when sufficiently inebriated.
I am mostly hyperactive, whereas he has a slow metabolism.
I sleep naked, as I’m always boiling hot, while he sleeps in a sweatshirt.

Our differences serve to provide lively debate (for which read, heated arguments, imminent divorce, wine glass thrown across room, depending on the state of my hormones). Topics to avoid are Children (see earlier blog). Abortions (light touch paper and stand back). Politics. Iraq. My family. His family – or an appendage to his family (a Long Story).

So what do we talk about? Er – I’ll just see if I can remember…

So far we’ve managed eleven years together. I wonder how much longer we can survive under one roof without killing each other?


Akelamalu said...

They do say Opposites Attract - seems it's true!

About the rain - I now have trench foot!! :(

Cornish Dreamer said...

I always thought that differences in a relationship can make it more interesting.

At least there has been a temporary break in the clouds. I hope you're enjoying it while you can.


rilly super said...

flowerpot darling, I can't help thinking that the fact you titled this post 'Compatibility' meant you started writing that list rather in the hope it wasn't going to turn out so long, so let's hope that the optimism that this shows is at least one thing you share with your chap and perhaps this is what has stood you in such good stead in the past. Thanks ever so for the link by the way, which is lovely and I;ve put you in my list too of course.

debio said...

It's not the differences, flowerpot, it's how you deal with them. Would you want to live with a carbon copy of yourself? - no, you are creative, you study people and know what makes them tick.

You and hubby - the yin and the yang!

Flowerpot said...

akelamalu, hope your trench foot gets better soon - sounds most boggy and I do sympathise. Can't someone get Him up there to turn the sun clock back on?
RT, as you know, my relationship with Mr FP is nothing less than Lively.
Rilly, good to see you back in blogland and hope you are enjoying your much needed break. Oh, the stress..... Yes, you have rightly surmised that the list wasn't intended to be that long but the post rather took on a life of its own. Perhaps what I should have added was that we do both have a sense of humour, albeit warped. Debio, you're quite right of course, it's how we deal with our differences. Sometimes a gun would be useful.....