Friday, 20 July 2007

Missing Curls

Last night I went over to see a friend who had volunteered to give me a makeover. I can’t remember how this offer came up, but I decided I was sick of looking like – well, like I’ve looked for the last x years, and, given that I trust Carole’s abilities in that direction, thought I’d take her up on her offer.

I took over a bottle of wine and we had a glass while she applied moisturiser, blusher, mascara and the faintest hint of eyeliner (we’re talking the au naturel look here) and then she got out –

‘Curlers?’ I shrieked. (I have very curly hair.)

She explained that she was going to straighten my hair, purely to wind up Himself. I sat there and took several nervous sips of wine at the prospect of losing curls which, suddenly, I was rather fond of. Me and straight hair? Not at all sure. I reminded her of the time I was about to have my hair cut, and he said, ‘Anyone that messes with your curls is dead.’

‘Oh dear,’ said Carole blithely, plugging in the heated rollers.

By the end of the glass of wine, and by the time she’d removed the curlers and blow dried curls inside out (so to speak), it didn’t look bad. In fact, I liked it. It wasn’t straight but looked – different. Chic is a word that springs to mind but never one usually associated with the likes of moi. Peter Pan was the other description. Well, if you can imagine how PP would look at nearly 50.

We were both delighted with Carole’s works of art and went downstairs to have another glass of wine and sort the world out. When I got back home, I pranced into the kitchen, pink and blushing. ‘Well – what do you think?’

Himself looked at my face and said, rather dubiously, ‘Very nice.’ Not a good start. Then he looked at my hair and cried, ‘What have you done to your CURLS? Where have they GONE?’

He rang her up later, complimented her on the makeup and said, ‘as you’ve got rid of her curls, you’ll have to make me up now.’

I didn’t hear her response.


Anonymous said...

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Miss Understood said...

I went through a stage of straightening my hair and my husband hated it too.
If he gets a make-over, you HAVE to post the photos!

Flowerpot said...

knicks - thanks for dropping by but we haven't actually met, so think you are thinking of something else. Well done for making some extra cash though!
missu - if HImself has a makeover I promise the pics will be here!

Rebecca Taunton said...

I wish I'd seen you last night when you'd had all of your hair straight. I'm sure the change would have been quite something.

'Himself' having a makeover - now that's something I'd love see!!


Flowerpot said...

RT - Carole took a picture on her daughter's phone which she said she'd email to me. I'll show you!

Jez Bell said...

Perhaps you could post 'before' and 'after' shots of you both!

Jez Bell said...

Flowerpot - just to let you know I had the same message as the first one on this page from knicksgrl... not sure if this is genuine mistake or do blogs get hit with any kind of 'junk mail'..

Flowerpot said...

jez bell - how very weird - is this the equivalent of spam?!