Friday, 21 September 2007

Progress reports - cats, dogs and great grandsons

I’m pleased to report that Bussie is now back to his normal self. He is eating – well, not as much as he used to, but that’s no bad thing, and has taken over reign of the bottom bunk, as normal.

Unfortunately (for him), my mother is arriving late this afternoon and given that we have a one bedroom flat, she sleeps on the sofa bed in the lounge, and the bunks are where she puts her case and clothes. You can imagine how Bussie is going to like that.

The Itching Moggie is no longer itching but the anti inflammatory pills (or antihistamines, whatever they are) have turned our bouncy girl into a very quiet, lethargic girl which is extremely unnerving. She didn’t even want to go for a walk yesterday which is unheard of. I persevered, as my back was hell from sitting in front of the computer for too long, and after a while she enjoyed it, but she is really not herself. Still, she's stopped itching which is the main thing and she won’t be on the drugs for much longer.

Going back to yesterday’s post, it turns out that my friend’s 19 year old grandson took his 19 year old, very pregnant and terrified girlfriend to hospital the previous night but they told her to go home as she wasn’t ready.

‘He rang yesterday to ask how he could tell if his girlfriend’s waters have broken if she’s in the bath,’ said N. breathlessly. This was when she told him to time the contractions and ring her back.

‘I should think they were both petrified,’ I said, thinking of myself at 19. Utterly hopeless. Who knows much about childbirth at that age? And not a parent in sight.

‘Exactly,’ said N (an ex-nurse, which is one of the reasons why her grandson rang. Another reason, I suspect, is that she wouldn’t panic). ‘Poor lad – he said the contractions were 4 minutes apart but luckily they were able to get an ambulance, got to hospital and she gave birth 3 hours later.’ She paused. ‘I’m now great grandmother of a 6 ¾ pound boy.’

‘Congratulations,’ I said, though from her voice I wasn’t sure whether commiserations would have been more appropriate. ‘How are you feeling? I don’t suppose you got much work done after that.’

‘I’ve been trying to write all day, and now I’m exhausted.' She gave a hooting laugh. 'I feel like taking my false teeth out and going to bed.’


laurie said...

ah, poor mollie. if it's benadryl you're giving her, it will definitely make her sleepy. (boscoe used to take it for his hot spots, until we changed his diet. that did the trick.)

love the false teeth quote.

Flowerpot said...

hi laurie - no it's prednidale but evidently has the same effect! We're off to the vet this pm so will mention it then.

Lesley Rigby said...

I was so amused with your friends remedy to take her teeth out and go to bed. She wouldn't have appreciated my experience last night of finding an enormous spider resting on top of the bedspread above my pillow. It wasn't conducive to a good nights sleep let alone easing a troubled mind following a hectic day! I am still hyperventilating.

Thank you for the update on the "Little ones". It's good to know they are getting better.

Flowerpot said...

Oh Lesley I HATE spiders. I wouldn't have slept a WINK. You poor thing. Much love from me and the little ones.

Cornish Dreamer said...

Poor Molls and Buster. But at least they're both on the mend.

Congratulations to N. on becoming a great grandmother! And what a lovely re-telling of the events leading up to it.


wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Hi flowerpot, I'm new here. Thought I'd pop round and visit since see your name on an awful lot of blogs I visit. Isn't prednidale a steroid? 19 is young to have a baby, but not as young as 15, say.

Flowerpot said...

RT - yes I thought you should know! Don't know what the grandparents think though. Suspect they're not exactly delighted.

Wakeup - welcome and please call this way again! Prednidale is a steroid but she's not on a high dose and won't be on it for long. No, 19 isn't that young - they're just both very immature.

Akelamalu said...

Glad to hear your pets are on the mend.

A new baby - how lovely!

Anonymous said...

3 hours! What bliss!

So glad Bussie is okay.

Crystal xx

the rotten correspondent said...

I cannot imagine having a baby at 19.

Gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.

Unknown said...

Poor Mollie.......

19???? I didn't know a.s from my elbow at that young. Wishing the best for them.

Fiona Mackenzie. Writer said...

Firstly, thank you for very kind comment on my last post.
I think a novel about fathers and daughters sounds wonderful...hurry up and write it.
I lived a great part of my life in Cornwall. You probably don't know my village, it's so tiny: Cawsand, kinda opposite Plymoth across the water. My husband was in the services too. Sadly I am not a landlady but a tenant. Long, boring story.
Knowing Jack Russells, you're going to have a sulky one on your hands for a few days. Good luck!

Flowerpot said...

thanks ak - I'm not sure how thrilled they are by th ebaby but I'm sure they will be when they've stopped being terrified!

Flowerpot said...

cystal - yes 3 hours is pretty good isn't it, though I read somewhere that the record is 20 minutes (even more bliss!) but cant' remember where I read it.

correspondent - wen I worked with young offenders we had one client who had a baby at 12....... and it was at Christmas time. And her parents hd thrown her out. It was all rather too ironic. The father was 13. Compared to that these two are ancient!

Liz - I'm glad someone else was like me at 19. I was frighteningly young.

Fiona - good to meet you and please cal this way again soon. yes I know Cawsand - we go through it on the way to see my Mm in Devon. Thanks for comforting thoughts re teh new novel - I shall continue with inspiration!