Wednesday 20 June 2012

Update and Holidays

Life continues apace – I’m writing a presentation for a talk I’m giving next month at the Penzance Literary Festival about how I got into writing walks. Not having delved into the delights of Powerpoint before, this is yet another steep learning curve, then it occurred to me that I need to get some pictures of me and Molls for the talk – as well as various author pics. So on Sunday we hit the Truro car boot (excellent bargains including two lovely skirts), then went on to Carwinion for a walk which resulted in a lovely lot of pics – some of which even I like (which is rare), including the one above.

I’m trying to get as much done as possible as on Saturday I’m off to Coverack for a week. My dear brother in law is house sitting, making sure that his Lordship (aka Bussie) has his every need catered for, and Joe upstairs also keeps a lookout for me.

I’m very much looking forward to a break – a bit of time to myself, then two of my best mates are coming down at different times, so if all goes according to plan, I should have a good mix of company and me time. I say this nervously as poor Viv’s mum is in hospital and now her dog Titch has a lump in his nether regions which is being investigated today.

But all being well, I will have the company we planned for. And either way it will be a much needed break and chance to recharge the batteries – I hope! More on my return.

Just to leave you with this that I saw on the back of a van the other day:

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Voting, Polo, 3 Choirs and a Ferry - and website

Please vote for my novel - voting open now on the Novelicious website. (sorry but the link wouldn't copy over.)

Last Thursday, at the Royal Cornwall Show, we were nearly blown away by gales that increased in strength as the day went on. In the morning we explored some of the shows – there’s so much to see that we were spoilt for choice – then headed off as I’d been told to be at the main arena for 1.30 for a photoshoot.

By the time we got there, the show jumping was overrunning so we waited in the grandstand as the skies darkened and the wind whipped around us. But the show jumping was so spectacular we didn’t really notice. By the time the polo came on, 40 minutes late, the rain was persistent, but yours truly launched the polo match, before dashing back to the grandstand, where we sat, with open mouths, watching the polo which was riveting. By the time the match had finished the rain was torrential, but I had my picture taken with one of the polo players and his pony. (Photo hasn’t arrived yet but I will post it up when it does.)

After that we scurried off to the Food tent where we met Camilla, escorted by zillions of cops, and Deb took some pictures of her back view. Finally, at 4pm, as we were wet and frozen, we headed home. En route we picked up Molls and met in the pub where we had a meal and a few drinks and staggered home. We went with little expectations and as a result had a great day which would have been better if one of our party could have made it, and the weather had been better. But it was such fun.

Then on Saturday I took Molls for a long walk in the morning as the weather was glorious and I knew she’d be cooped up for the rest of the day. I dropped her at a friend’s in the afternoon then went to a singing rehearsal for 2 hours (see above video). We’d all taken food, so we had a much needed feast afterwards, then I dashed home to pick up Moll, get changed and head back to the gig at Trelissick Gardens. We sang in the courtyard, to a great audience, then headed down to the ferry at 9.45 and sang on the ferry as it got dark.

Standing there, in the dark, listening to the sound of 80 voices floating across the water – and knowing that we’d made that noise – was truly magical. The lights floated across the river and when a pair of owls hooted, that made the whole evening. I tucked the whole experience away in the tattered wallet of my mind, to take out at later dates. To mull over, and enjoy, yet again.

And now I am working on a website for the walks book which is out next month. If you would like to exchange links, please say so. The more we can help each other, the better.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Once more unto the breach...

(Picture of Carn Brea.)

Life continues to be hectic. My dear sister in law Shelagh has just departed after a far too short stay in which she packed in as much as was humanly possible, but she is much missed by me, Pete and Molls.

In haste here as proofs have arrived for the walks book so I’m checking those and trying to sort out renewing insurance, writing introductions and organising tomorrow – I have won tickets for the Royal Cornwall Show. Not just that but we are to go as VIPs and I am to start the first ever polo match at the Show.

Trouble is, tickets have arrived – and there’s only one. Aaagh…. Cue phone calls and emails.

Typically, the forecast for tomorrow is wet. And windy. And we have to wear Smart clothes. With wellies and macs. Could be interesting.

If you’re anywhere near Westcountry TV on Thursday, look out for the drowned rat throwing a ball to the polo players. On that note, I am to be introduced to polo ponies and players. You know what they say about polo players…..

Then on Friday I have to do a walk for a dog magazine, then on Saturday it’s our 3 choirs and a Ferry gig where we sing on the King Harry Ferry as it gets dark. Last year it really was a night to remember, and I’m sure this year it will be, too.

On Sunday I will collapse in a happy heap!