Wednesday 31 May 2017

Last Friday we sweltered in the most glorious weather, walking at Loe Bar near Helston, then froze on Sunday, but in between we did a gig at Truro cathedral which is such an amazing place to sing - the acoustics are superb, and it was a real honour to sing there.

Tonight we're singing at Trebah Gardens and next weekend I am giving a talk at the Great Estate Festival at Scorrier, and am also doing some busking with two other friends. None of this is paid, but I do get free tickets to the festival which is worth a lot, and it's all about getting my books out there and making friends and meeting people.

Heather and I went over to Scorrier yesterday to check out the gardens and see where we're going to be performing, and it's just how you would imagine a huge, rambling, secret garden. Perfect!

Last weekend, as I was asked to review a hotel, I took a friend who's just celebrated a special birthday, and organised a secret party for her which, I'm relieved to say, went very well. You never know with surprises!

Pictures to follow, but in the meantime here's another...

Wednesday 24 May 2017


Above picture of Moll on a staddle stone near Castle an Dinas.

Last year my kitchen flooded in those flash floods we had in September, and a friend suggested I claim off the insurance. So a very kindly fellow came round and said they couldn't pay more than £300 but it would help with the cost of a new carpet or flooring, so I said yes thanks. And now I really wish I hadn't. My insurance has gone up from £300 to £800 - that was the best quote. The others were over £1,000. And all because of a £300 claim???

I'm still arguing the toss, of course, but am reeling from shock.

Apart from that, life is busy doing another walk for the book, preparing for the Great Estate Festival at Scorrier the first weekend in June(doing a talk/chat and singing), and then singing at the Sea Shanty Festival the following weekend. All a lot of fun and will hopefully sell some books, but not bringing much money in. Still, life has to be enjoyed. I must just try harder to earn the insurance money....!

Tuesday 16 May 2017


I’m anxiously scanning the forecast to see when I can do the next walk…… whereas Madam is just rearranging her profile...

As I write, there is a steady and persistent drizzle that has now turned into a deluge, but for most of April the weather was beautifully sunny, so I’m hoping that once the much needed rain has gone through, we will resume the cheerier weather.

I’ve been able to get several walks done for the Daphne du Maurier book, which has been lovely - in particular a walk at Tywardreath a month ago, with Deb and Rich. I’d originally done this walk years ago on a freezing, March day and what a difference, doing it in spring sunshine! We ended up at the New Inn at Tywardreath where we met a geocaching friend of Rich’s who told us some fascinating historical facts about the area.

Last weekend I did a review up at Doublebois where we explored the area - not one I know at all - which provides some fascinating and diverse walking. On the Sunday we headed up to Altarnun to do a walk for the book and were blessed with sunny skies by the time we got there, and did the entire walk in shorts and t shirts.
Even better, I went into the church at the end of the walk and found a brass plaque dedicated to one John Kittow who had donated the pulpit in the church, apparently.

Wednesday 3 May 2017


I’ve done a few reviews recently which has been wonderful and unexpected. Several years ago I used to review dog friendly accommodation for Your Dog magazine for a supplement they ran, but they’ve stopped doing that now. I had some terrific mini-adventures, as we never knew where we would end up, what it would be like, who we’d meet and where we’d go.

So it was a shame that came to an end. By the way, I don’t get paid for reviews - the deal usually is that you get a free meal/stay somewhere and in return you write a glowing account of their pub/restaurant/hotel/cottage and organise some stunning pictures.

Nowadays I write occasional reviews for the website which is for people who don’t want to fly when they go on holiday - an excellent idea, not only for the environment but for those who (like Peter de Savary), hate flying.

But a few weeks ago I was asked to review some pubs/restaurants for a Cornish publication, and had a brilliant meal over at the Traveller’s Rest at Trevarrian, near Newquay airport. Even better, it was a fabulous day so Viv and I had a wonderful two hour scamper over the coastal footpath there in Mediterranean sunshine - see picture above.

I was then approached by the PR of a hotel group asking if I’d like to review a few hotels - one night in each plus dinner, B&B, so Deb and I headed off to Padstow last week for a night in the Metropole hotel which was fabulous. We - by which I include Moll - were given a friendly welcome, had bags carried, a special dog pack in the room, and fantastic food and walks.

I’ve got another review coming up near Liskeard, in a chalet near Bodmin Moor, and another possible hotel one coming up. As I’m not likely to get a holiday this year - or at least, not until autumn - these mini breaks are a really lovely way of breaking up the everyday.

So I count myself very lucky - as do the friends that accompany me!
Enys Gardens, by the way - not on a review, but with my Meetup friends.