Tuesday 25 July 2017

Singing for the Soul

The last week or so I haven't been feeling myself at all. I know we all get difficult times, but it's not like me to feel exhausted all the time, and lacking in inspiration, in belief in myself.

So I very nearly didn't go on our singing boat trip to St Makes last night. But I'm so glad I did. We all took a bowl of food, cutlery and a plate/bowl and met on Prince of Wales Pier at 6.45pm. Then we boarded the boat and set off for St Mawes, via Gylly and Maenporth beaches, cruising along the coast while we laid food on a big table for all to share.

As it was a beautiful evening, some of us sat on deck in the sunshine and ate up there, dodging low flying hungry seagulls and chatting in the sunshine.

Then at 8pm we arrived in St Mawes and took up our station outside the St Mawes hotel where we sang for an hour.

At 9pm we headed back to the boat and sang our way back to Falmouth, finishing the last of the food and enjoying drinks from the bar.
It was a really special experience to sail past the docks while it grew dark, singing our hearts out.
And I went to bed feeling well sung and grateful to have such amazing singing friends, and to be able to have a night out like this in such a beautiful part of the world. It has restored my faith.

Friday 14 July 2017

Magical Cornwall

This was Gwynver beach the other day - having been to the Rosudgeon car boot sale, we felt in need of cooling off a bit, so searched for a dog friendly beach near to Penberth Cove, where I was due to do a walk for the book, and headed for Gwynver.

We parked on the cliffs above Sennen and scrambled down over the dunes, to the coastal footpath, where we saw these amazing, brilliantly coloured emerald beetles.
Any idea what they are?

Then we headed down to the beach for a swim, wishing we'd bought the surfboards. Even so, we had a brilliant time while Moll tried to dig to Australia.

By the time we left the beach, ran back to the van to avoid getting a parking ticket (how quickly those two hours went) and headed back to start our walk, we were eaten alive by some incredibly vicious horseflies and are now covered in bites. So the walk has been postponed till next week.

We sat on the rocks at Porch Nanven as the tide came in, cooled off in the river and then had fish and chips in St Just on the way home. One really magical day when you wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else...