Wednesday 27 January 2016

End of an Era

Yesterday we sold Echo - well, it's strictly Mr B's boat so he sold it, but it's felt like ours given the hours I've spent bailing her out over the years, and enjoying good times on the water.

It all happened incredibly quickly - I put an ad on a local For Sale site via Facebook and was inundated with replies. This, in January, on a morning of tempestuous winds and rain, with people desperate to come and see her. To cut a long story short, C sold her to the first guy who offered a good price, and he was so keen he took his wife down immediately to see Echo. We're just dashing off now to collect our belongings and hand the keys over.

Gulp. Still, it's for financial reasons, so needs must.

I don't like to think of life without a boat. Despite the fact that the weather was so bad last year we hardly went out, she was there if we wanted to. Now she won't be and I feel this is really the end of an era.

We will sail with Al, of course, on his Dragon, and I may race with Flushing Sailing Club, and hope to sail with Tony, but it won't be the same. There's the possibility of buying another boat but I think we may need to win the lottery - or for my book to pull in loads of money, both of which are slightly unlikely.

But you know what they say - when one door shuts, if you work at it, another one opens. It will be interesting to see what that one is.

Meanwhile, here's to our lovely Echo. With thanks for all the brilliant times afloat.

Wednesday 20 January 2016


This was taken on the latest walk for the book, at Crowns Engine Houses at Botallack - some of the most photographed mines in Cornwall, for obvious reasons. But not many with our Moll in the foreground.

I had a very productive meeting with Celia - - and she would like to paint each of the walks and sell the paintings separately from my book, but in conjunction with it. We've also talked about a joint book launch/exhibition and other events, which would be exciting. She's full of ideas - even on the second week in January - which is brilliant.

Then we had a lovely few days in Penzance courtesy of a very generous friend who lent us her cottage along the sea front. It was incredibly relaxing and warm, with the most wonderful window onto the outside world - you wouldn't believe how many people walk, run, skate or hobble along there - and was a real tonic. We also did a couple of long walks and explored Penzance a bit - the only regret was that we couldn't stay longer.

Now it's full steam ahead and on with the book!

Wednesday 13 January 2016

The world of Poldark

This was taken last week when I did a walk for the new book with Fiona at Lerryn, and round to St Winnow. I've visited Lerryn on various occasions, but never done a long walk there - and what a fabulous walk this is, through Ethy Woods, round to St Winnow church and back through parkland by the lovely manor house of Ethy. We went this time last week, on a quiet, still day, where the reflections were perfect.

I am so enjoying writing this book - I only wish there was more money in doing so. But hey, when did authors ever earn any money?! But the journey is a joy, and if any readers enjoy it even half as much as I am, then I will be delighted.

Today there is even a patch of blue sky and we're off to St Agnes to meet a painter who is interested in possibly collaborating over Poldark - it will be interesting to meet and see what ideas we may be able to come up with. The other bonus is a lovely coffee shop there, a good butcher, and hopefully a Not Too Wet walk at St Agnes Beacon.

Here's the cat that greeted us when we returned from our walk - looking down in disgust at Moll.....

Wednesday 6 January 2016

A new year....

I'm viewing the start of this year with a certain amount of - not trepidation, exactly, but uncertainty. Of course none of us know what this year will bring, but I am finding it hard to view beyond finishing writing this book.

That's no bad thing perhaps, for I am loving the work. It's turning out to be completely different from anything else I've written and I put in an extra spurt over Christmas and got a lot more done. Given the vile weather, it's also been a bonus having something positive to focus on.

Today the sun is shining, even if only for an hour or so, and I'm heading off to the North Coast to walk Moll and try and sell the current book in a few outlets up there. I've planned the next walk for the book and so am feeling pleased with progress.

Mr B arrives back on Sunday which will be a joyous reunion, and I'm hoping that we may have a few days in Penzance courtesy of a very kind friend. It would be lovely to have a break in February - I have certainly earned it - so we will plan that as well. I'm looking forward to seeing my dear friend Av, and having a weekend away with her, too. And hopefully seeing something of my brothers. I'm also looking forward to more of this kind of work, if possible. To really enjoy writing books - and journalism - is a real bonus and makes all the difference.

Here's wishing you all the best for a happy, healthy and productive 2016.