Tuesday 27 October 2015

Another book!

Apologies for recent silence but life has been ever busy.

The good news is that my publishers have commissioned me to write another walks book which is very exciting!

I did my first walk last week and am writing it up at the moment with my able body of proof readers and researchers. Well, Mr B is helping me research and I have several wonderful friends who proof read. This one will take a lot of researching so it's all hands on deck to completely mix metaphors.

To celebrate this news, we had a much needed break at Gwithian which was wonderful. Even if we did spend a fair bit of time driving round selling my current book - which is all part of being a writer!

It was heartwarming to receive such good feeling about this current book.As any author knows, we spend so long writing our babies, then they're out in the wide world and we feel extremely vulnerable, so when we get good feedback it makes all the difference.

As I write it's raining and cold, back to winter, even if it may officially be autumn. But I have planned a few breaks - which will be needed - and look forward to getting on with this exciting new project.


Thursday 8 October 2015

Walking weekend and Promoting a book

Last weekend my dear friend Av and I went walking along the coastal path near Crafthole. For once (our last weekend it poured, all weekend long), the weather was not only kind but fabulous, so we had a sunlit walk around Portwrinkle on the Friday evening, then spent the Saturday walking to Freathy and back. Yes, we managed to get lost more than once, but this was for once NOT MY FAULT. Well, only partly my fault....

It must have been the hottest day of the year, and we walked for about 5 hours or more - just wonderful, and the scenery was at its very best. Neither of us know that area (near the Rame Peninsula) so it was an added bonus to stay somewhere lovely and explore the area.

Back to real life and I gave a talk at Flushing Sailing Club on Tuesday evening which went down very well. What a very generous and attentive audience, who bought books, too! We were given such a warm welcome by the Commodore and his wife, who organises the talks, and we will certainly go back.

Promoting a book is hard work. I;ve been asked to do quite a few talks now, which is great, because we constantly need to get our books out there, in order to sell them, when most of us would rather shrug and not ask people. We're shy, most of us writers, and don't like to keep harassing people to buy our work. But nowadays we have to - so bear with us. We're just doing our job!

I was very touched when a 2nd year student at Falmouth University came up to buy a book, saying how inspirational I was. To have stuck out for doing what I want. I was so touched I could hardly speak. It quite made my evening....