Tuesday 16 July 2013

In love with a dragon

This was taken on a sunlit evening at Mylor Creek about a month ago having had a drink at the Pandora, and dropped some friends off at Mylor Quay.

Work has recently taken a nosedive – apart from finishing my walks book – which has been a real blow to my confidence. Having written walks for over 5 years, it’s a real shock not to be doing them any more, and the walks have also become part of my identity. I feel rather as if someone has set me loose in an unknown boat and said, “Off you go,” when I don’t know where I’m going, nor do I have a great deal of confidence in how to handle a strange boat.

But my life has ever been thus – just when I think I’m going along a well beaten track, someone pulls the rug from under my feet and I fall flat on my face.

But in this case, I am sailing as much as possible and learning as much as I can about it all, absorbing it like a sponge. I had a terrific day out last week crewing on a Dragon boat which was amazing.

I was so nervous to start with - we didn’t know the owner at all, and I could feel adrenaline rushing round my veins for several hours. You know, that kind of stomach in a rushing lift feeling? And my legs shook as I concentrated so hard I thought I might fall over. I was so nervous I refused to take the helm at first, then after a few hours thought, no I will have a go.

And once I’d taken the helm I was in love. She is the most incredible boat to sail – she just wants to take off, and as soon as I had that tiller in my hand, all my nerves disappeared and she flew through the water like a dream. We had a drink afterwards, all got on so well and were asked if we’d like to crew again. Even better, the owner’s asked for crew for Falmouth Regatta Week.

I was in a state of shock and awe the next day. It had been so magical, I felt as if I’d dreamt it. And sailing with people you really get on well with is something very special.

So while work might have a lot of question marks over it at the moment, it seems that life is saying, “Go sailing!”

So I am. And loving it.


Chris Stovell said...

I hope that new doors open for you very soon... hang on, it seems as if they are. Casting off in search of new adventures?

Flowerpot said...

Chris - quite possibly. It will be interesting to see what happens!

Rena George said...

Not quite clear why you won't be doing any more walks, Sue. Has the magazine dropped that column? If so, then they must be mad. Have you ever considered self-publishing on Amazon KDP? It really is much easier than you probably imagine - and if you get it wrong you can delete the whole thing and start again. If you haven't sold the digital rights of your walks' books then you have ready made material.
Also - Have you any idea how magical all your new boating experiences sound to the rest of us? I can see a whole new book here. What does everyone else think?
Take care. x

ADDY said...

It's amazing what you can do when pushed into a situation. Well done.

Akelamalu said...

When one door closes another one opens. :)

Flowerpot said...

Ak - let's hope so!

Flowerpot said...

Addy - well you know what that's like!

Flowerpot said...

Rena - thank you so much. Great food for thought and very encouraging!