Wednesday, 3 May 2017


I’ve done a few reviews recently which has been wonderful and unexpected. Several years ago I used to review dog friendly accommodation for Your Dog magazine for a supplement they ran, but they’ve stopped doing that now. I had some terrific mini-adventures, as we never knew where we would end up, what it would be like, who we’d meet and where we’d go.

So it was a shame that came to an end. By the way, I don’t get paid for reviews - the deal usually is that you get a free meal/stay somewhere and in return you write a glowing account of their pub/restaurant/hotel/cottage and organise some stunning pictures.

Nowadays I write occasional reviews for the website which is for people who don’t want to fly when they go on holiday - an excellent idea, not only for the environment but for those who (like Peter de Savary), hate flying.

But a few weeks ago I was asked to review some pubs/restaurants for a Cornish publication, and had a brilliant meal over at the Traveller’s Rest at Trevarrian, near Newquay airport. Even better, it was a fabulous day so Viv and I had a wonderful two hour scamper over the coastal footpath there in Mediterranean sunshine - see picture above.

I was then approached by the PR of a hotel group asking if I’d like to review a few hotels - one night in each plus dinner, B&B, so Deb and I headed off to Padstow last week for a night in the Metropole hotel which was fabulous. We - by which I include Moll - were given a friendly welcome, had bags carried, a special dog pack in the room, and fantastic food and walks.

I’ve got another review coming up near Liskeard, in a chalet near Bodmin Moor, and another possible hotel one coming up. As I’m not likely to get a holiday this year - or at least, not until autumn - these mini breaks are a really lovely way of breaking up the everyday.

So I count myself very lucky - as do the friends that accompany me!
Enys Gardens, by the way - not on a review, but with my Meetup friends.


Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

OOOh I want to be on a beach like that one. It looks gorgeous. Enjoy your reviews, its a good way to get a change of scenery and a wee break. My OH does reviews for a certain on line site, but he only ever gets offered hair dryers, vacumn cleaners & power tools etc,Lol.
Have a lovely time

Flowerpot said...

Kim - yes doesn't that beach look amazing? Cornwall at her very best that day! I suppose hair dryers and vacuum cleaners are very useful and cost quite a bit so that's a good perk as well!

ADDY said...

I think I used to have a book which featured dog-friendly hotels and B&Bs. It was so useful when we had our dog, as so many places are so snooty hen it comes to dogs, although I am sure dogs are cleaner than some people who stay at hotels!! Maybe you should resurrect your reviews and have a little holiday.

Flowerpot said...

I used to have a book like that, too, Addy, but nowadays most places take dogs, including hotels and B&Bs. Am planning several more mini-breaks so see what happens!

Chris Stovell said...

That sounds wonderful - but I imagine there's hard work involved too to get those reviews exactly right. Enjoy the mini-breaks, Cx

Flowerpot said...

Chris - yes, it is quite a bit of work but worth it! X