Thursday 7 December 2023

Launch, Landlady Hat and Lainy to the vet....

Apologies for a long blog absence, but I know most people follow me on social media, so please do that if you’re wondering what I’m up to!

But for those of you who haven’t heard, the launch of Lainy’s Tale was great, though this year I was a lot more nervous than I usually am. Knotted stomach, fatigue, that sort of thing though there was a lot to organise and obviously when you self publish, the onus is all on you, the writer, rather than having a publisher or agent to spread the load.

However, it was my SEVENTH book launch, I realised, so I should be an old hand at it by now. The Princess Pavilion in Falmouth is a great venue; there’s a bar, it’s dog friendly, there’s plenty of parking and everyone could sit down, which is a bonus after a certain age, and friends from the Ukulele Orchestra of Constantine played in the background for us. Everyone agreed it was a fabulous venue and a lovely atmosphere.

Since then, I have been sending off books, checking Amazon sales, sending press releases, taking books to various local shops and wishing I had enough time to write.

Soon that will happen as my editor and I are having a Zoom tomorrow about my next book, Hunger. I knew it was much too long but couldn’t see what was wrong and she has some radical ideas. I think she’s absolutely right but it will mean a lot of rewriting… and a second and third book out of it all. As I said to M the other day, “At this rate, I know the books I’m going to be writing up till I’m nearly 70!”

He looked at me and smiled, said, “you’re fortunate to have guaranteed employment.’

“Well,” I pointed out, “I do employ myself..…”

In other news, I have my landlady’s hat on so am ordering cooker, new front door, new carpets and underlay together with a new paint job on the top flat ready for the incoming tenant in two weeks time - no pressure there, then…

Also, Lainy has to go back to the vet for her booster. Three weeks ago she would NOT let the vet anywhere near her, despite us sitting on the floor with treats for half an hour. This time Lainy has had anti-anxiety medication (which so far shows no sign of working), I have a pot of chicken which solves most dogs’ problems, and taking a friend to feed chicken to Lainy in case I have to give her the injection. (I believe in having PLan B.)

Wish me luck….(This picture was taken a few days ago...)

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