Tuesday 24 April 2018

Book Number Four - from The Depths

As usual, life has overtaken me somewhat. Having been plunged into the depths of gloom over various matters in my personal life, and not having much luck with journalism, the weekend before last I was weeping into my cornflakes, deciding I must change career, find another way of earning some money.

Heather was great, pointed out that journalism is SO hard. Another friend looked at me and smiled slightly. “You said exactly that this time last year,” she said.
Had I really?

Then another, wise journalist came up with the great saying, “You are not defined by your pitching success.” Love it!

And then suddenly, during the week, things changed. My publishers emailed to say my books would be back from the printers at the end of the week and they’d send a box down.

Then a new book shop I’d been in touch with replied saying they loved the idea of my books, would I be able to call in with some and also could I do a talk and a walk sometime?

I was over the moon. To go from the depths of gloom to sudden wild excitement. Though as Tony said, “You should know by now that life consists of ups and downs, so next time you’re down, realise that an up is on its way.”

He’s right of course, but sometimes when you’re at the bottom of that pit, climbing out seems nigh on impossible.

But my fourth book is out! I will be having a book launch on Wed 23rd May from 6-8 at Falmouth Art Gallery, and doing a book signing from 11-1 on Sat 26th May at Waterstone’s in Truro. So please come along and give me some moral support! Nothing worse than sitting in a busy bookshop being ignored by everyone…!


CarolW said...

Oooh, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this! Our eldest daughter lives in Cornwall so I'm going to ask her nicely if she'll pop along to Waterstones in Truro for the book signing. Hope it goes well for you.

ADDY said...

Would love to come but London is a tad far for a day out. So glad brighter things are n the horizon. It's hard to keep in focus in all this grey weather. x

Flowerpot said...

Shame you're such a long way away, Addy. We have lovely sunshine here today though it's very windy! x

Flowerpot said...

Carol - oh that's great news! I hope to meet her.