Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Comfort Zones

I am a great believer in heading out of my comfort zone as well as staying firmly in it, if you know what I mean. I can be quite easily persuaded out of it as long as it includes Lainy; less easily so if it doesn't.

Some dear friends of mine have taken up swimming in the sea - in wetsuits I hasten to add - but that't not for me, for several reasons - 1) Lainy is still taking time to train, and i have to have an hour in the afternoon to do this, preferably before it gets dark. They swim from 2-4pm which wipes out all the afternoon. 2) I have Reynaud's and the thought of immersing myself in cold water makes me shudder. 3) Particularly as you have to warm up again very slowly. I know I'd have even worse chilblains than I do at the moment. And I hate having chilblains. 4) I'm still working so two hours out of my day is a lot, particularly when that is Lainy Time. So while I really admire their fortitude, that's not for me. I might have a go in the summer when its' warmer and I can tempt Lainy in the sea too.... But to get back to small examples of getting out of my comfort zone: this morning, the Tooth Fairy's car had to have an MOT at 8.30am which is well before his getting up time. I got up at 7am which is also before my usual rising time, but I was rewarded by the most amazing sunrise. It just got better and better as the minutes went by.

Anyway we met up at the garage and headed off to take Lainy for a walk. Driving through town, I was reminded that I'd eaten my tea early the night before (5pm) and that was my last meal. I was feeling tired which always means I need food. Lo and behold a takeaway bakery was open so when I said, 'Ooh shall I get some croissants?' TF jumped out and ordered. The next thing I knew we had two bacon rolls with brown sauce, two coffees and a croissant for me for later.

The bacon was just how I like it - lean and crispy, the rolls were small and tasty with sesame seeds on top, and the spiciness of the brown sauce was just perfect. What a meal, washed down with a cappuccino. Perfect fodder!

We then headed down to Half Moon Beach, scrambling over rocks in order to beat the tide, and had a wonderful time with Lainy on the beach.

The garage then rang saying could we pick the car up as they're really busy, so we had to head back, but got home in time to do a good morning's work. WE both really enjoyed the time out, an unexpected breakfast, and more time training Lainy on the beach and the Hornworks.

It's very easy to make excuses not to do things - and I'm as bad as the rest of us - but sometimes when the occasion crops it, it makes all the difference.....


ADDY said...

I don't think I could be tempted in to the sea at this time of year. I am sure true friends would understand.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Lots of my friends are swimming in the sea near me but I am not tempted. I hate the cold and like you with a new puppy there is very little time. X

Lulu said...

I strongly suspect cold water swimming is not for me, though my neighbour swears by it. We actually banned my mam from it, as the last time she went for a dip at Swanpool, she completely lost her memory for two days! Bacon butties, coffee and good walks are my thing however! So nice that you have a little fuzzy companion to take out. Lulu x

Flowerpot said...

Addy - glad it's not just me then!
Wishing you all the best at this uncertain time of year. X

Flowerpot said...

Lulu - I think I heard about your mam on the radio, unless someone else had the same effect. I'm with you on the bacon butty and coffee and good walks front - with Lainy and my mates. Take care Lulu X

Flowerpot said...

The Small Fabric - glad we're on the same page! Take care X

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