Tuesday, 7 December 2021

The C Words and other trials

As I write, Lainy and I have just returned from a walk in the first blast of Storm Barra. Typically, now I've returned home and had to change - why are waterproof coats never, actually waterproof? - the lashing rain has stopped and the fierce gusts of wind are taking a breather.

However, it got me thinking that life is really throwing everything at us, isn't it? Not just covid - I've got to the stage where I try and avoid listening to the latest rise in cases in Cornwall, let alone the latest variants, as it's too depressing - and the rising cases of homelessness, particularly in Cornwall, but well, everything in the world seems to have gone bonkers.

Three of my closest friends have broken a shoulder, a leg and a foot (only one each, not all three), all of which take ages to recover from. Climate change is having a winter hissy fit with all these storms and I really feel for the poor people in Scotland and up north who have had days if not over a week without any power.

Then we have the added pressure of that other C word - Christmas. As my close friends know, this has been a sticky time for me - anorexia, my dad was dying of cancer when we were much younger, and then my Pip died on Boxing Day. Then I was involved with someone who frequently had family commitments away from Cornwall so he wasn't here. So it's been a bit of an uphill battle for most of my life.

However, this year I am glad to say I don't actually have that sick, gut churning dread when I think of the festive period. I despise the ruthless commercialism of it, but I don't get involved in that side of it anyway. I have had several invitations for meals, whether on Christmas Day or another day, and hoping to spend a bit of time with the Fella at some point. Of course having said that, I'll probably spend it in bed, being ill, and frantically begging people to walk Lainy for me, but at least I have a few friends I can call on for that. Whether she'd walk with them is another matter, but we won't go there now.

In other matters, I am continuing to edit The Rescue, and hoping to start sending it to agents in the new year. It's a bittersweet book to edit, given the two canine friends, but I hope it's a real tribute to Moll - and to Lainy of course, albeit for her brief appearance.

So here's to our books, whether you're reading or writing them. And a special thought for all those who are having a really difficult time this winter.


ADDY said...

As you say, life seems to be throwing everything at us. It is difficult to stay upbeat some days as more doom and gloom is heaped on us. I'm spending Christmas alone this year - for the first time ever, as Kay has drawn the short straw and is working from 24th-28th. I've not told anyone as I don't want the pity invite, but am weirdly OK with it, as it will be an experience I've never had.

Lulu said...

Hello Sue, I always love and appreciate how honestly you write. Here here for books! I hope anyone reading this worried about Christmas, can take comfort that they are not alone.

Fingers crossed for warding off the lurgy. I myself was knocked out all last week. I would happily walk Lainey, but if the kids got whiff of this, they would want to come too ... and Lainey might not appreciate having a hair 'redo' with bobbles and pretty ribbons.. and children do smell rather strange... a bit like Plasticine ;)Lulu x

Flowerpot said...

Addy - I'm glad you are OK with your Christmas plans - it's such a weird time of year at the best of times, isn't it? I hope you have a peaceful day with plenty of books, TV and good food!

Flowerpot said...

Lulu - Thanks so much for the offer of walking Lainy. If she was less nervous I know she would love to come with you - and the kids - but I really appreciate the offer! Take care Xx