Thursday, 8 May 2008

A tag

I've been tagged by Tom Foolery on a Desert Island tag. I love that programme and often wish I could have started out in radio as I would love to be the interviewer for that programme. The research would be fascinating, as would the actual interview - my idea of journalistic bliss!

Here, courtesy of Tom, is the tag:-

So my lovely castaways, as a treat YOU are being sent to that Desert Island. (An exciting prospect yes! or maybe no!) To add a quirky twist to the journey, before you leave you're going to be granted a final three course dinner to include drinks of your choice to be cooked by a world class chef.

So tell me what you want to have for your:

1. First course
2. Main Course
3. Sweet
4. Drink

Whilst you dinner is being carefully prepared, all you now have to do is sit back in your comfy chair with your pre-dinner drink and chose the items you are going to take with you to the desert island:
1. One piece of music/song.
2. One book.
3. One luxury item.

Now I'm not the best person to talk to about food but I will have a go:-

Olives for first course (I don't eat first courses as I never have room for a main course)
Main course would probably be Bonny's quiche with selection of roasted veg (see Clipper Cafe coming later this week)
Sweet - pass - I don't like sweets. I might have a sliver of cheese if I've got room.
To drink - wine. White. Not chilled thank you (I told you I had strange tastes)

Now trying to chose one piece of music or song is impossible. So I'm, going to cheat. As I'm passing on several food items I will make up with music. I'd like Gloria (in Excelsis Deo) - the Mass - not because I'm particularly religious but it is the most amazing piece of spine tingling music. I'd also like Even in The Quietest Moments by Supertramp and - oh where do I stop? I couldn't possibly just chose ONE song.

And as for one book - again, how on earth do you chose? My music, like reading material or food, depends entirely on my mood. But I would go for the complete works of Oscar Wilde.

And a luxury item? Well, it would have to be a computer, if that counts as luxury. As long as I could write I'd be OK!

Please feel free to take this up or list your choice in comments box.

Life is disrupted at the moment due to having Shelagh staying which is great fun but means little time for other things! As we only see her every other year, we have to make the most of it while she's here...


Cornish Dreamer said...

Some great answers FP. I hope you're having a good time with Shelagh this week. See you soon, RT

Philipa said...

My luxury item would be Ray Mears with his pockets stuffed with sanitary protection (even he couldn't fashion one of those out of bamboo)

As well as The Bible and shakespear I would be hard pushed to choose between the complete works of the Bronte sisters, if there is such a book, and my favourite volume of metaphysical poetry. Probably the poetry.

Music? Bach. If i could have a recording of all Bach's work I'd be happy. Failing that maybe Rimsky-Korsakov's Sheherazade.

Last meal on the mainland? 4 courses please, 5 if you count the sorbet: start with soup such as fresh tomato and basil with french bread - a peasant soup. Then salad. Then sorbet. Then a main of... a combination of perfectly cooked roasts and fresh vegetables with all the trimmings - cooked the way I like them not the chef thinks is better (so the way my sister cooks then). And for dessert a cointreau orange mousse with chocolate and orange sauces and a shortbread biscuit. Dessert wine and then coffee with mints. yes, that would do.

I'd also need a first aid box complete with Ranitidine, TCP, Iodine and Amoxycilin.

Chris Stovell said...

No, no, I just couldn't go - agree with you completely on picking only one piece of music (love Gloria btw)or one book.

Have just read your previous post on trying to sneak off to get married - and laughed at your poor mother's response.

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Do you know, I nearly did this when I hosted Fun Monday the other week!

Will give this a go later!

DAB said...

I forgive you, I'm going to allow you the two pieces of music and the computer, but not sure I can run to electricity/batteries though ;-) TFX

Flowerpot said...

RT - yes now you're back, you must come and meet her - next week one evening?

P - you are very well organised and well thought out - I'm very impressed!

Flowerpot said...

chrish - yes poor mum she couldn't win either way. Hope you have a good sail - it's just started raining here!

AOJ - be interested to hear your choices.

Flowerpot said...

tom - ah yes of course. running the thing could be a problem. But we're talking Desert Island Discs here - I#m sure Kirsty could come up with something!

Anonymous said...

What an unusual meme! You don't like sweets? I couldn't possibly last without a chocolate fudge cake and dollops of clotted cream. Preferably hot but I guess a desert island won't have a microwave handy.

CJ xx

Akelamalu said...

I don't like chilled white wine either! Great answers. x

Philipa said...

fp - not that organised; I forgot the rats, there are rats on desert islands :-$

Grump said...

Talking of desert Islands leads me neatly into asking if you have planned your trip down to Treen with Shelagh?
The beach below Treen is called Pednvounder Beach and is beautiful. It is washed daily by the tide so is pristine. Here is a link to it.,places,39,Pednvounder-Beach.html
Cheers Mark x

Elaine Denning said...

I don't chill my wine, either!

Flowerpot said...

Crystal - no I don't have a sweet tooth at all. I like the occasional bit of ice cream if it's really hot but that's about it I'm afraid!

Ak - oh good. I hate it because whenever you go to a pub the wine's always cold. I don#t like it cold!!

P - oh yes. I really don't like rats...

Flowerpot said...

Grump - Shelagh is so busy at the moment it's difficult to plan anything! She has to fit in her other friends plus cousins, her other brother - and so on. But we have a visit pencilled in for next Friday (see what I mean?!)

MisU - I'm glad to find another warm wine drinker!

Flowerpot said...

Mark - PS that is a wonderful picture. Thanks for that.