Thursday, 1 May 2008

Welcome Home

My dear sister in law has just arrived for her two yearly visit so life is not following its normal pattern which is good. I like to have change. For the next few weeks I will have someone to discuss books with (we have a similar taste in reading), someone to walk the dog with, and a dear friend.

I remember her first visit, which must have been about ten years ago. I was very wary of this older sister, and she must have wondered who the hell this woman was that her brother had finally shacked up with. Not only had it taken him 56 years to move in with someone, but he’d ended up doing it with someone young enough to be his daughter.

She didn’t say any of this of course, but that’s what I would have thought. So the first visit we circled each other warily. Himself and I were both out at work all day so we only saw her in the evenings and at weekends, but gradually Shelagh and I discovered common interests, and a shared sense of humour. Move on from that and we both had access to the internet.

By the time she left, we had promised to email each other and we did. Every day. She lives in Vermont which is five hours behind the time here, so at the time I got into work she was getting up (yes, she does get up very early, always has done ever since she bred horses) and checking her emails. It was a good way to start the day for both of us.

Twelve years on, I look forward to her visits so much. Shelagh if you’re reading this, I have ordered two new Elizabeth Berg books so we have New reading material next week!

So here’s a big welcome to Shelagh, currently recovering from jetlag. Nothing that a few good walks with Mollie won’t cure…


Akelamalu said...

How lovely that you get on so well with your sil. I bet you two have a great time. :)

Ellee Seymour said...

What a lovely warm person you are, she is very lucky to have you in the family. I hope you have fun together, lots of music and laughter.

Flowerpot said...

Ak - we certainly will!

Ellee - we aim to have plenty of that. yesterday afternoon we walked for 3 hours - by mistake! - so I hope she';s talking to me today!

laurie said...

how wonderful to fall in love with a man and then find that his sister becomes your best friend. lovely!

dried cherries eaten at bedtime will help her jet lag.

and elizabeth berg is tons of fun to read.

have a wonderful visit!

Flowerpot said...

laurie - I'd never heard of dried cherries eaten at bedtinme - I'll tell her that!