Friday, 11 April 2008

Awards and Inspiration

Many thanks for this award from Ak which is much appreciated. For those of you that read this blog - well, I know you all have impeccable taste (of course) - so please take it as read that this belongs to you as well.

Apologies for non reading of blogs recently - I'm having a busy week workwise which has been inspirational and challenging but very worthwhile. It's made me think a lot and lose sleep. But some things in life just do - the ones that make a difference to your life, I find.

Yesterday I met an amazing man, farmer and baker and father of 12 children. His wife is also incredible but I didn't get to speak to her much.

It was so refreshing to meet someone who freely admits that he could be a better businessman if he was more selfish. "But I tend to think about what I do and how it will affect others," he said.

They live in a beautiful granite farmhouse on the north cornish coast, far from traffic, towns or shops but near the sea, where the Atlantic glistens nearby and skylarks sing from the wheat fields. Below the farm, near where the ewes huddled together, is Snow Valley, so called because of the hawthorn trees that are just about to burst into blossom.

This family work together, play together, and enjoy life to the full, held together by their love for each other and their strong Catholic faith.

"We don't measure success by money, but in happiness," he said.

Perhaps we should all do that. The world would be a much better place if we did.


Akelamalu said...

You deserve the award m'deario. x

Well they sound like a thoroughly refreshing family in this day and age!

Flowerpot said...

Ak - they really are. Very refreshing indeed!

Karen said...

What a lovely post! Very wise words, indeed :o)

aims said...

Just dropped by and have read a few of your posts. Your words are lovely and almost soothing. I loved your description of the valley. Congrats on the awards...they are always fun to get!

Flowerpot said...

Karen - many thanks. I agree about the wis words!

aims - good to meet you. The valley was just wonderful!