Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Yesterday a couple of dog walking friends and I got together and walked our dogs down through the woods near Mawnan Smith. The sunlight shone through the trees, the first bluebells were peeking through the green denseness, and the two dogs ran miles up and down the banks, down onto the beach at the bottom, chased each other in and out of the water, and up and over the cliffs on the way home.

Seeing their enthusiasm, their sheer joy of running, the kick of the chase, made me smile.

Watching Buster give Mollie a piece of his mind when she’s overstepped the mark. That makes me smile.

Seeing Himself with the giggles. This doesn’t often happen, but when he does, tears run down his cheeks, he wails and shakes his head. It’s very contagious. It happened last night when we spent nearly an hour trying to work out who’d paid what to get the car through the MOT, and who owed who what.

Seeing the delight on my friend’s face when she met me in the pub last night for the first time since her hip resurfacing. She insisted on coming down to the pub – on crutches – so I held the door open and gave her a big hug. Her grin lit up her face.
And mine, I suspect.

Love Soup – on Saturdays at around 9pm. The antics of the two younger girls, always trying to pull, always make me smile.

Looking out from my bedroom window (where I write) and seeing blue sky, purple tulips, bluebells, a red and white freesia – and my other nameless plants in bloom. Spring is nearly here. That makes me smile.

What makes you smile?


Cornish Dreamer said...

What a lovely list FP.
Things that make me smile:
The spring sunshine warming my skin as I sit outside with a good book.
The sound of a blackbird singing to the rising sun.
I smile when I see the orange tomcat spray next door's window (not yours, of course) because I then know, at least, that it won't be spraying our door afterwards.

Flowerpot said...

Yes I love hearing blackbirds as well. And I know just what you mean about the ginger cat!!!

Akelamalu said...

Oh the sound of blackbirds singing is just magical.

I'm smiling now after reading your friend's hip resurfacing went well and she's up and about! That's great.

My grandchildren make me smile all the time. :)

Flowerpot said...

Ak - yes my mate's a happy bunny - she'd been dreading having it done!

Philipa said...

The arms and smiles of my children.

My friends Melissa and Jack.

And even the memory of Peter makes me smile - he could always make me laugh (and cry).

Walking the hills and camping.

Getting the best mark in the history of the course within my MSc.

My silly cat.

Reading to the children.

OK doing anything with the children!

Going to church.

A good read and beautiful music.

Flowerpot said...

P - what a lovely list!

Ellee Seymour said...

My younger son James is an extra in one of the Love Soups. He comes out of a cinema and bumps into the star in the foyer. He asks for her autograph and she lifts his shirt up and writes it up his chest. They had to have several shoots before it was perfect.So do look out for my little chappie. He was wearing his lucky green top.

Irene said...

Having my husband say he loves me from the bottom of his heart.

Elaine Denning said...

Reading your post made me smile.

Spring flowers.

The scent of my jasmine on the windowsill when I walk down the stairs in the morning.

The sound of laughter coming from my son's bedroom.

Blue sky.

When I've written something I'm proud of.

The thought of what my house and garden will look like when I finally get round to decorating it!

Lane Mathias said...

Lovely post fp.
This morning it's the birds singing that's making me smile. And actually being able to see them as there's no fog:-)

Flowerpot said...

oh ellee I will look out for that scene and cheer!

Flowerpot said...

sweet irene - that's a wonderful reason to make you smile!

MissU - a really good list - and different. Made me smile too.

Lane - Lucky you we've got thick fog here! But i love birdsong too.

Karen said...

Seeing the baby bunnies frolicking on the bank near our house never fails to raise a smile :o)

Flowerpot said...

karen - baby bunnies are wonderful arent they? Bring out the best i most of us!

Maggie May said...

The cheeky blue tits feeding upside down. My grand daughters' infectious laugh. The things children say when they think you are not listening.

Flowerpot said...

maggie ay - yes, especially what children say!