Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Abandon all Diets

Last night the diet was abandoned. Having decided to Cut Down the wine, he – er – didn’t. Mind you, it could have been worse. The Diet In the Bin was blamed on Himself’s poor state of health – he felt shivery and his sinuses ached and his nose streamed all day apart from when he was working and playing the cornet.

The germs seemed to subside when I gave him some Nurofen (the wonders of modern science) though he seemed surprised when I asked if it had helped.

“Actually, yes, Pop,” he said. “Funny that.”

No comment. On the way home from walking the dog, he decided that he would get a) brandy (to kill the germs) and b) sausages and spuds because he didn’t fancy the leftovers in the fridge.

He also got a bottle of wine but stood staring at the large bottles of brandy, willing the price to go down, in a frenzy of indecision.

Eventually I couldn’t stand it. “No point in feeling vile in the morning AND having a brandy hangover,” I said. “Why not get a miniature?”

He agreed and we went to the cigarette kiosk where he realised that it was more expensive to buy a miniature because they’re so small. “I could have bought a half bottle for the same price!” he cried.

Luckily he knocked himself out with wine and paracetamol.

We have a long drive today, down to Sennen Cove where I’m doing an interview with a couple who have recently opened up a campsite down there. Shelagh – don’t worry. We will have another recce when you come over! Mark, if there’s time we’ll go to Treen as well. We’re taking the camera so hopefully I can enlighten you lot with the beauty of the Cornish spring.

I’m wondering how his hangover will be. Because of course, being a man he will deny that he has one….


Cornish Dreamer said...

That was a very short diet ;@)

I hope your trip to Sennen is a successful one (and lucky the weather is good again).

The bread, by the way, was wonderful; as were the biscuits. Thank you so much.


Flowerpot said...

RT - yes it was wasnt it?! Had a wonderful Sennen trip and a great walk down at Zennor over teh cliffs afterwards. Feel very blown now and have to get down to transcribing the interview when I dont feel like working at all!

Maggie May said...

Hope "he" feels better soon. Sinuses can be painful when bunged up!
Hope the trip goes fine. Sounds good.
The melon eating baby in the last post was SO cute!

Anonymous said...

Diets are useless anyway! Nowt wrong with a glass of wine, that what my doctor tells me.

Hope the hangover soon clears up!!

Crystal xx

Lane Mathias said...

Hope himself feels better soon.
Wine is much healthier than brandy though ...isn't it?;-)

Akelamalu said...

Off the diet and off the waggon eh? :)

Grump said...

If you get to Treen don't forget Long Barn is up the hill past the logan rock pub on your right. Soon after the road goes around to the left and there is a couple of buildings set back on the right. The further one away is a long building with a double story at one end. That is Long Barn.
A photo would be lovely.
Hope the weather holds for you.
Cheers Mark x

Flowerpot said...

maggie - glad yuou enjoyed the baby eating the melon picture. And yes sinuses can be so painful...

CJ - it was cleared with hair of the dog...

Flowerpot said...

Lane - that's what we think!

Ak - er, yes....!

Flowerpot said...

Grump - sorry we ran out of time but my sister in law is cmoing over in 10 days so we will be having another recce down to West Penwith then. Pictures are a promise.

Mid-lifer said...

Please - no more talk of alcohol and paracetamol. I had the worst hangover EVER (do I say this every time?) last weekend - only, being a woman, I admit it.

Flowerpot said...

oh sorry mid lifer. Hope you've recovered by now!